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This page provides additions, helps, and other materials related to the new life in Christ.  –  is a web site of thousands of sermons, mostly in audio format. They are set up on a calendar basis all the way back to late 2008. Most Biblical topics are covered in this collection. The titles indicate subject and extent of series of studies. Should one listen to many or most of these, that person would have a near Bible School/Institute education, both doctrinally and practically.

GraceBaptistKittanning,com – provides local church concepts.  The church is made up of born-again believers. They sing from hymn books promoting music literacy. They use the King James Bible. The messages come from personal, prayerful, diligent study of the Bible and not from internet subscription. Godly living is explained and emphasized. There are typically morning and evening services. The web site offers links for two different Christian Radio broadcasts over internet.  These broadcasts are conservative and are reasonably faithful to the “old paths of music.” – is a web site which is  aimed toward the collegiate level. There are many links which are very useful to those of all walks of life.

  • It is useful in dealing with subjects relating to defending one’s faith in a college or university environment.
  • It teaches the differences between major world views.
  • It provides Biblical reading for the deaf.
  • It teaches how to study the Bible and recommends tools helpful in doing personal Bible studies.
  • Under “sitemap” there are Bible studies in the raw. Some are more devotional such as “Titus.” – is an e-mail address solely dedicated to help those who desire more information about personal interactions with their Creator.

Sharing what most have not heard – The Gospel